Hire Me

Freelance web developer. Building custom websites at any scale, with traditional or headless CMS, and static site generators. I work remotely, from Sofia, Bulgaria.

What can i do for you?

  • Design & Development. Web design and front-end development.
  • Custom Websites. Websites with custom design and features, SEO friendly, fast and optimized.
  • Webshops. Ecommerce websites with woocommerce, snipcart, opencart and other platforms.
  • Static Websites. Super-fast websites with modern static site generators (11ty, astro, nuxt...).
  • Design Implementation. Coding you design into fully functional websites.
  • ProcessWire Expertise. Front-end, modules, custom admin pages, integrations…
  • WordPress. Custom websites, plugins and themes implementation and customization...

Why Me?

  • Experience. I have almost a decade of expiriance in web development.
  • Multitasking. My expiriance goes beyond coding, i can do design and work with graphics, handle deployment and manage hosting related tasks, etc…
  • A to Z Development. I can manage and develop whole projects, from start to finish.
  • Optimization. I deliver well-optimized websites with fast loading times, and fully responsive.
  • Support. I can offer long-term support for your webiste.
  • Competitive Pricing. I work remotely from Bulgaria, and i can offer competitive rates and pricing.

Need a Web Developer?

Let's get in touch and discuss about your next project! You can write me at hello@kreativan.dev.