About Me

I'm Serbian living and working from Sofia, Bulgaria. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology from the Academy of Professional Studies in Serbia, and a strong passion for web development and technology in general. Over the years, I have explored various aspects of the tech industry, but I have discovered my true calling in web development, which is a field I genuinely love and enjoy.

Tech Journey

I have worked on a wide range of projects, ranging from simple websites to custom CRM systems. I have had the opportunity to work in both small teams and as a solo developer, effectively managing entire projects independently.

During my career, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of different CMS platforms and their respective strengths. ProcessWire has become my primary area of expertise, where I have developed a deep understanding of its capabilities and nuances.

I have a strong passion towards front-end development and enjoy engaging in more creative work. However, throughout my professional journey, I have found myself gravitating towards the middle ground, embracing full-stack development using popular open-source platforms.

My journey goes beyond writing code. I craft custom designs, provide hosting and DNS intricacies, manage servers, contribute to graphic-related work, and offer consulting and support. This comprehensive approach ensures that my clients' projects aren't just developed but carefully crafted and well maintained.

My Tech Stack

With a solid foundation in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, I offer a comprehensive skill set that extends beyond the basics. In addition to working with any PHP-based CMS systems, I bring proficiency in: CSS Frameworks, Preprocessors, Template Engines, JavaScript and PHP Libraries, Task Runners, Version Control, and more.


I am highly proficient in CSS and effective use of CSS frameworks.


Vanilla JavaScript, DOM, Ajax, libraries and consuming APIs.


Customizing open-source platforms and writing custom logic in vanilla PHP.


My primary development platform for crafting custom websites and web applications.


Websites with advanced custom fields, custom post types and core wordpress API.


E-commerce development with vast plugin eco-system and ACF for custom features.


Static websites (SSG) with Astro, 11ty or Nuxt within the JAMstack architecture.


Hypermedia for creating dynamic content, Ajax and SPA-like navigation and features.


My favorite CSS framework when building projects with a php based CMS.


When working with JAMstack and static site generators.